How to Monitor a Button over the Internet Using PIC Clicker MikroElektronika

This article aims to present an Internet of Things (IoT) project using the MikroElektronika PIC Clicker kit.

Through geniot PRO Industrial software it is possible to easily connect any microcontrolled device on the Internet, and thus to monitor and control remotely from anywhere in the world the electronic project.

Let’s go to the materials used:

1 unit: PIC Clicker (mikroE).
1 unit: Relay Click (mikroE).
1 unit: USB mini cable.
Software mikroC PRO for PIC (full version).
Software geniot PRO Industrial v3.2 or higher.

Before connecting the USB cables, we must fit the Relay Click on the mikroBus bus, as shown in the following figure:

After the connection, we must open and compile this project in the mikroC PRO for PIC compiler (v7.1 or higher). To write the program to PIC Clicker, the bootloader system should be used. The bootloader software can be found through the tools menu> MikroBootloader USB compiler mikroC PRO for PIC.

The following program controls two relays (using Relay Click shield). A button is used to trigger the reading of an analog input. The two relays will be switched on and off over the internet. The value of the analog channel will be sent to the internet. The program configured on the PIC18F47J53 microcontroller is shown below.

Download full Code mikroC Project:  

Now we need to configure Geniot PRO Industrial software.

You can now access your account and create the categories and variables that will receive the values of the sensors. These variables can be created by your internet account (geniot PRO Industrial Cloud) or geniot PRO Industrial PC software. In this article we will create the variables by the Cloud account.

1 ° Sign in to the site

2° Click the Home menu> Add Datasource and define a name “Datasource” for the categories of your sensors.

3 ° Click Add Sensor and name your sensors. Create three variables with the names: “Relay1”, “Relay2” and “ADC_AN0”

The final result should follow the following image:

4 ° Click Dashboard> Add Dashboard. You will see an Add Dashboard button. Click and create a category for your graphics.

5 ° Add Widget -> Choose the variable you want to monitor and choose the widget type.

Do the same for “Relay2”. The values of the variable “ADC_AN0” will be displayed in a line chart, as shown in the following figure.

6° The final result should be according to the following image.

7 ° Download Geniot PRO Industrial (PC) software and the free educational licensing file through the following link:

After unzipping the files, install the geniot PRO Industrial software on your computer. Geniot PRO Industrial (PC) software is free and can be installed on any 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system.  After you run the program, you will be prompted for the licensing license.

Note: The free licensing file can be downloaded here:

After licensing the software, you must enter your registration information.

8° In Geniot PRO Industrial (PC) software, we need to enable the variables that were previously created.

9° Now enable the USB HID component in geniot PRO Industrial (PC) software and restart software, according to the following image.

10° Okay, now you can do your remote drives and controls over the internet through geniot PRO Industrial. To do this simply click on the buttons and view the drives. Through the line chart you can monitor the PIC18F47J53 analog channel of the PIC Clicker.


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